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Research Title Development of Efficient Semiochemical-based Control Method for Banana Flower Thrips (Year 1 of 2)
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16 February 2020
15 February 2022
Research Location CSU (Cagayan)
Research Description The project will develop a semiochemical-baited traps to control the flower thrips (Thrips hawaiiensis (Morgan)) in the cavendish banana plantation of TADECO in Panabo. From 2011 to 2018, losses due to thrips feeding and ovipositing damage (brown scab and water soaked appearance) on banana fingers averaged at 12% of the total bunches harvested and this roughly amounted to Php 1.2 Billion in a 6,608.67 ha. of TADECO. One of the environment-friendly pest management methods of insect pests is the manipulation of adult insect behavior using semiochemicals functioning as signal compounds. Semiochemicals are bioactive compounds emitted by an individual and produce a response in another individual by the same species.
Research Objectives The general objective of the project is to discover the sex pheromone of Thrips hawaiiensis Morgan and to develop a sex pheromone-baited trap prototype. Specifically, it aims to. (1) characterize populations of thrips collected from Cavendish cultivars Grand Naine, Williams and GCTCV-218 using morphological and molecular techniques; (2) determine bioactive compounds from thrips and identify the compound of interest by using the alignment library of compounds; (3) assess the attractiveness of the bioactive compound and behavior of drips using Y-tube olfactometer, (4) determine the usefulness of identified compound by developing "Baited Trap" model of attracting thrips, and; (5) confirm the chemical structure of compounds through greenhouse and small-scale field evaluation of the sex pheromone-baited trap.
Research Beneficiary(ies) A) Tagum Agricultural Development, Inc. (TADECO) B) Banana Farmers C) LGU-Province/Municipality/City Agricultural Officers D) DA-Regional Field Office- Regulatory Division Officers Banana Industry
Research Accoplishments [CY 2020] A) Publications - at least 3 scientific articles for publication; 2 instructional materials B) Patents - 1 patent for sex pheromone baited trap prototype C) Products - One (1) efficient sex pheromone baited trap for banana flower thrips D) People 100 farmers, researchers and students trained
Total Research Cost ₱2,228,785.80
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CSU (Cagayan)

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Code DG CY2020 8336
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