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Research Title Earthworm Species Composition in an Ifugao “Muyong-Payoh” Landscape as they Vary with Vegetation and Soil Gradients
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Nestor T. Baguinon

Research Duration Start:
1 December 2011
30 November 2013
Research Location Ifugao
Research Description The project will determine species composition of earthworms in the study areas namely, Poitan, Amganad, and Kinakin in Banaue, Ifugao along gradients beginning from Muyong and gradually towards payoh farms. The variation of vegetation should affect earthworm species composition. Multivariate statistical approaches, Polar Coordination and Principal Component Analysis, will show variabilities. Earthworm populations and castings are thought correlated. Recent collections of earthworms and casts do not support this. The number of casts cannot serve as yardstick in monitoring earthworm populations. Determining the variation of earthworm population as function of seasons will be by digging and counting.
Research Objectives The project will determine species composition of earthworms in the study area at Amganad, Banawe, Ifugao along gradients beginning from muyong and gradually towards payo farms. Confirmation on the relationship of earthworms with yield and as well as terrace wall collapse will have bearing on new technological adaptations in growing rice and vegetables in rice terraces.
Research Beneficiary(ies) Farmers and communities in Ifugao rice terraces
Research Accoplishments
Total Research Cost
Research Agencies Funding:
UP Los Baños

Research Budget Breakdown Year:
Year Funded:
Total Cost
Date Released
Amount Released
2011 to 2012

Code E-215
KRA Code Integrity of the Environment/Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
Priority Thrust DOST
Create growth in the Countryside

Sector Applied Sciences
Actual Sector Agriculture
Related sectors Soil Science, Environmental
Entry revision: January 2021