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Research Title Understorey and Ground- Dwelling Spider Diversity of Philippine Forest Ecosystems
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Aimee Lynn B. Dupo

Research Duration Start:
1 February 2013
31 January 2015
Research Location UP Los Baños; several parts of the country
Research Description The output of this study is expected to benefit students and researchers documenting Philippine biodiversity as well as the repositories of our country’s biological treasures such as the UPLB Museum of Natural History and the National Museum. Specifically, the encyclopedic pictorial guide as a product of this study seeks to encourage young students to pursue a taxonomic and ecological research works on Philippine forest spiders. In addition to this, a pictorial guide shall help arm our quarantine agencies against the entry of unwanted exotic spider species brought in by unscrupulous pet shop owners.
Research Objectives To collect understory and ground-dwelling spiders in the forest ecosystems and nearby habitats , and correlate the impact of forest degradation or habitat quality (i.e. type of vegetation) on spider faunal diversity; to identify these spiders and determine their taxonomic diversity and relative abundance; to compile information on the bionomics of this group of spiders; to record distribution data and update country inventory; and to produce an encyclopedic pictorial guide on Philippine spiders.
Research Beneficiary(ies)
Research Accoplishments Collection in Bukidnon and North Cotabato yielded seven materials of which, three species are not yet represented in previous collections, 50 out of 120 materials were properly preserved, photo documentation of host plants, nature of damage, adults and immature youngs of five economically important species. Continue photo documentation of host plants, nature of damage, adults and immature youngs of five economically important species
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Research Agencies Funding:
UP Los Baños

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Code E-218
KRA Code Poverty Reduction and Empowerment of the Poor
Priority Thrust DOST
Create growth in the Countryside

Sector Applied Sciences
Actual Sector Agriculture
Related sectors Ecology, Arachnology, Forestry
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