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Research Title Indigenous Actinomycete Collection for Drug Discovery
Research Personnel Leader:
Ms. Irene A. Papa

Research Duration Start:
1 December 2012
30 November 2013
Research Location UP Los Baños
Research Description Actinomycetes are one of the major potential sources of bioactive substances. They have been isolated and screened extensively for their pharmacological activities which are not restricted to their antimicrobial properties but include also their anti-fungal, anti-cancer and to a lesser extent anti-viral activities. Of the 12,000 antibiotics known in 1995, 55% were produced by Actinomycetes of the genus Streptomyces and 11% from other Actinomycetes (Berdy 1995; Strohl 1997). The search for new antibiotics from microbes continue due to (a) development of resistant pathogens, (b) evolution of new diseases, (c) existence of naturally resistant bacteria, and (d) the toxicity of some of the current compounds (Strohl 1997). Despite their recognized importance as potential sources of novel bioactive compounds, however, isolation, characterization, preservation and documentation of Philippine Actinomycetes have not been given as much attention as other microorganisms (Mycorrhiza, Rhizobia), plants and animals. In fact, no in-depth study has yet been made except for the initial works of Dr. Asuncion K. Raymundo and her group in the early 80’s for their antibiotic production project. The group was able to isolate Streptomyces fradiae which is a producer of Tylosin, an antibiotic used as feed additive. The Antibiotics Laboratory of BIOTECH maintains quite a number of Actinomycetes isolated from soil samples. However, due to inadequate resources, the collection are not properly characterized, preserved and documented yet. It is therefore the aim of this project to document and properly preserve these Actinomycete collection in soil before they are lost and to screen them for biological activity against human and animal pathogens.
Research Objectives To establish an Actinomycete collection as potential sources of novel bioactive compounds. Specifically, to revive, purify and partially characterize all the Actinomycete isolates at the Antibiotics Laboratory, BIOTECH, UPLB; to document the locally isolated Actinomycete collection; to properly preserve in soul all Actinomycete isolates; and to screen the isolates against important and selected animal and human pathogens.
Research Beneficiary(ies)
Research Accoplishments Collection in Bukidnon and North Cotabato yielded seven materials of which, three species are not yet represented in previous collections, 50 out of 120 materials were properly preserved, photo documentation of host plants, nature of damage, adults and immature youngs of five economically important species. Continue photo documentation of host plants, nature of damage, adults and immature youngs of five economically important species
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UP Los Baños

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Code E-219
KRA Code Poverty Reduction and Empowerment of the Poor
Priority Thrust DOST
Build and enhance capacity in emerging technologies

Sector Applied Sciences
Actual Sector Agriculture
Related sectors Bacteriology, Drugs
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