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Research Title Pathological, Biochemical, and Ultrastructural Changes in Allium cepa L. (Bulb Onions) Infected with Anthracnose-Twister Disease
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Ronaldo T. Alberto

Research Duration Start:
1 January 2012
30 June 2013
Research Location Nueva Ecija
Research Description Understanding the impact of agricultural chemicals on soil and water quality will have a direct bearing on how farmers should use their agricultural chemicals in such a way that they will not contaminate soil and water resources. It would hopefully raise people’s awareness on these important environmental issues and develop mitigation measures to address these issues for the benefit of both present and future generations. Slowly weaning away vegetable farmers from excessive chemical dependence to organic systems is still a long way, but it is never too late to start now.
Research Objectives This study will confirm the role of hormone in disease development, as well as the identity of the purported, biologically active GA’s responsible for neck elongation and twisting of leaves will be known. And with these information on hand, effective solutions to address the negative effects of the hormone can be formulated.
Research Beneficiary(ies) Vegetable farmers, Onion growers
Research Accoplishments
Total Research Cost
Research Agencies Funding:
Central Luzon State University

Research Budget Breakdown Year:
Year Funded:
Total Cost
Date Released
Amount Released
2011 to 2012

Code F-143
KRA Code Rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth
Priority Thrust DOST
Create growth in the Countryside

Sector Applied Sciences
Actual Sector Agriculture
Related sectors Environmental, Biotechnology
Entry revision: January 2021