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Research Title Research on Advanced Prototyping for Product Innovation and Development Using Additive Manufacturing Technologies (RAPPID-ADMATEC) (Year 2 of 3)
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1 January 2019
31 December 2021
Research Location MIRDC
Research Description The project will support the current local research and development environment of the country by providing the technology needed to create more innovative designs and speed up prototyping time by reducing fabrication and processing time of components and products.
Research Objectives To renovate existing building to serve as the location of RAPPID-ADMATEC facility To acquire additive manufacturing technologies for different types of materials to make available for product innovation and rapid prototyping To create research and development activities utilizing additive manufacturing technologies To develop a training program for additive manufacturing design
Research Beneficiary(ies) Department of National Defense, Research and Development Institutes, Academe, Agriculture, Healthcare (Medical/Dental)
Research Accoplishments [CY 2018] 1. Benchmarking of business model and good/best practices including methods on design; 2. Training of MIRDC personnel on basic additive manufacturing; 3. Renovation of building for the Advanced Additive Manufacturing R&D Program and RAPPIDADMATEC facility; 4. Soft launching of the Advanced Additive Manufacturing R&D program facility [CY 2020] 1. Pricing scheme for additive manufacturing services; 2. Grand launching of the Advanced Additive Manufacturing R&D Program, RAPPID-ADMATEC and Satellite Office facilities; 3. Conduct of research and development projects; 4. Curriculum on the training course for additive manufacturing; 5. Published technical articles listed but not limited to the following: a. analysis of the mechanical properties of 3D printed components; b. Cased study on the use of Additive Manufacturing in Gear Manufacturing; 6. Training of MIRDC on intermediate additve manufacturing and the operation of machines; 7. Training of MIRDC personnel on metal powder manufacturing/characterization [CY 2021] 1. Launching and conduct of the training program for additive manufacturing (2 or more batches) 2. Conduct research and development projects 3. Published technical articles listed but not limited to the following: a. impact of 3D printing on the self reliance defense posture (SRDP); b. effects of lattice structure on the power density of a 3D printed component; c. reliability and durability of 3d printed products; and d. benefits of additive manufacturing to plastic injection molding
Total Research Cost ₱13,365,596.28
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Code DG CY2020 7985
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