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Research Title Enhancement and Market Validation of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Industrial Prototype for Nitride- Based Coatings (Year 2 of 2)
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1 April 2019
31 March 2021
Research Location UPD-DMMME
Research Description A coating technology system developed at the Plasma Physics Laboratory of the National Institute of Physics offers an alternative to carbide coating. The technological innovation, in one broad sense, demonstrates that titanium nitride (TiN) can be synthesized on industrial tools such as drill bits, taps, punchers and extrusion molds using a locally developed magnetized sheet plasma source. The project was supported by the DOSTTECHNICOM with a total grant of PhP 9.8M for more than two years of implementation. It involved the design of the scaled-up system sheet plasma device, procurement of necessary equipment and components, and test runs to determine stable operating conditions for thin film deposition. The project partnered with Asian Semiconductor Electronics Technologies Corporation (ASET Corp.) to realize adaptation of the technology for industrial applications. Although the TECHNICOM proposal lasted only for a short term, the benefit gained by ASET Corp. through the partnership was enough to establish their name in the semiconductor EMS and metal-working companies in the Philippines. Owing to the initial success of the partnership, ASET Corp. reaffirms its commitment to the partnership in the development of the hard coatings technology especially on TiN thin films using the sheet plasma device. The University of the Philippines-Diliman together with ASET Corp. seeks to continue this partnership through this proposed project.
Research Objectives The general objectives of the project are the following: 1. to enhance the capabilities of magnetized sheet plasma source for deposition of TiN-based thin films for hard coating on materials; and 2. to conduct market validation for the TiN-based thin film hard coating by collaborating with Asian Semiconductor Electronic Technologies (ASET) Corporation as partner company to realize industrial applications of the technology. Specific objectives of the project are the following: 1. acquisition of supplies and materials necessary to run and optimize the machine; 2. manpower training-train students, researchers, and technical personnel on topics related to vacuum technology, plasma science, thin film engineering, tribological applications, and materials science; 3. optimize plasma parameters for different metal compositions and gas combinations for TiN deposition; 4. quality assurance testing of coated tools (hardness, thin film adhesion, thickness, surface morphology tests and parallel test runs in the industry); 5. promote TiN coating to semiconductor and other industries for various value adding applications; 6. report writing-disseminate results in conferences, peer-reviewed journal articles, thesis and terminal report; and 7. apply for potential patents or utility models based on the results of the study.
Research Beneficiary(ies) semiconductor manufacturing molds, manufacturers of end mills and users of crowning molds that require TiN as coating.
Research Accoplishments [CY 2019] 1. publications, thesis/dissertation; 2. assessment report; and 3. industrial testis on coated tools done.
Total Research Cost ₱752,186.38
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