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Research Title ZURFACE: Surface Modification of Philippine Natural Zeolite (SMNZ) for the Adsorption of Textile Dye Waste (Year 1 of 2)
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1 January 2020
12 December 2021
Research Location DLSU
Research Description In the proposed research study, the PNZ will be functionalized with surfactants to enhanced its absorption with cationic, anionic and organic dyes. Functionalizatin techniques will be optimized for economical production of the SMNZ. Characterization of the PNZ and SMNZ will be conducted to evaluate the enhanced property of SMNZ. Absorption isotherms and kinetic studies on the SMNZ absorption of dye from textile wastewater will be conducted and evaluated. At the end of the research study a product, Zurface SMNZ, may be offered to the textile and dyestuff manufacturing companies for the remediation of its wastewater before discharge to effluents.
Research Objectives The general objective of the project is to functionalize Philippine Natural Zeolite (PNZ) to adsorb cationic, non-ionic, and anionic dyes. Specifically, it aims to: (1) set-up a facility for the characterization and modification of PNZ for dye removal; (2) optimize the modification method using various types of surfactants and methods of functionalization of the PNZ; (3) characterize the surface-modified natural zeolite in terms of its structure, morphology, chemical properties, surface charge, cation exchange capacity, thermal properties, and hydrophobicity; and (4) evaluate the property of the surface modified natural zeolite in the treatment of cationic, anionic and organic dye pollutants from textile manufacturers.
Research Beneficiary(ies) A) SAILE Industries Inc. B) Zurface products are to be adopted by textile industries for waste water treatment. C) The LGU of Valenzuela and the constituent companies located in Valenzuela City that are problematic with its colored discharges may benefit from the technology as well. D) PTRI is one beneficiary and partner research collaborator that may use the product and promote it as well to its network textile companies.
Research Accoplishments [CY 2021] A) Publications/Patents - at least one (1) publication or one patent on the SMNZ production with optimized techniques and zeolite functionalization of natural zeolites for enhanced property on dye adsorption B) Products - functionalized PNZ (Zurface) product for environmental treatment of aqueous solutions C) People - undergrad and graduate students in Chemical engineering, Environmental, Material science or Materials engineering will benefit from the research with topics of dye adsorption for their thesis. Early career research scientists who recently graduated may also benefit from the project as well. D) Partnerships- SAILE Industries, Inc. can adapt the technology for the functionalization of the PNZ for the local market use in the remediation of wastewater from dyestuff manufacturers, textle companies, and printing companies. PTRI can also use the product, Zurface in its operations and promote the product to its network on textile industry.
Total Research Cost ₱3,424,935.20
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Code DG CY2020 8317
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