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Research Title Fermentation and Purification Research to Produce Food Grade, Pharmaceutical-Grade, and Polymer-Grade Lactic Acid (Year 1 of 1)
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4 April 2019
3 March 2020
Research Location UPMin
Research Description Production of various grades of lactic acid through the fermentation of Sago (Metroxylon sagu rottb.) using a strain of microorganism discovered in the Philippines
Research Objectives The general objective of the Project is to conduct purification studies to produce at least 80% food-grade lactic acid, pharmaceutical grade lactic acid, and ultimately 99% polymer-grade lactic acid from fermentation broth. Specifically, it aims to: 1. produce, repair, and calibrate process equipment, instruments, and utility systems for the purification laboratory; 2. set-up a dedicated stateof- the-art research laboratory for lactic acid biorefining studies; 3. conduct downstream purification studies to further increase the purity grade of lactic acid from the current 50% technical grade to at least 80% food-grade leading towards, pharmaceutical grade and polymer grade lactic acid; and 4. conduct process evaluation and techno-economic analysis of UP Mindanao’s lactic technology at a laboratory scale.
Research Beneficiary(ies) The food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics indutry, medical industry, and the biopolymer industry, in addition to the farmers and the starch producers. The successful lactic acid purification research will warrant a pilot testing of the technology, which will eventually lead to commercial-scale production.
Research Accoplishments [CY 2019] Place: State of the Art Purification Laboratory for biobased products in UP Mindanao Product: At least 80% foodgrade lactic acid or even higher up to 90% pharmaceutical grade and 99% polymer-grade lactic acid Publication: At least one research article People: Competent research personnel in fermentation and purification research
Total Research Cost ₱459,788.00
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Code DG CY2020 8087
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Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Applied Sciences
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