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Research Title Standardized and Safe Tawa Tawa: Filling In the Final Gaps for a Clinically-proven Nutraceutical Product (Year 1 of 2)
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6 June 2020
31 May 2022
Research Location USA
Research Description A local plant believed to have curative potential and is widely used for the treatment of dengueinduced thrombocytopenia is Tawa-tawa (Euphorbia hirta Linn). This indigenous plant is claimed to have a medicinal effects on dengue patients and became one of the most popular “folkloric medicine” in the Philippines administered to increase the platelet count of dengue patients, mostly for those who are not admitted in hospitals. Thrombocytopenia, a deficiency in platelets (thrombocytes) that increases the risk of bleeding, is a clinical symptom of dengue infection. Several studies revealed the potential of tawa-tawa to increase platelet counts in thrombocytopenic disorders but the definitive identification of active constituents aside from the commonly known polyphenols is an area that requires further understanding. Despite folkloric and traditional medicine use of Tawa Tawa in the Philippines to increase blood platelet count, coupled with an array of scientific reports on its anti-dengue and antithrombocytopenic potential, the country is left begging for standardized commercially available Tawa Tawa herbal preparation.
Research Objectives The overall objective of this research proposal is to develop within two (2) years a commercial nutraceutical product from tawa tawa that is proven to be safe and effective in increasing thrombocytes. Specifically, this proposal shall accomplish the following aims: 1. Manufacture standardized tawa--tawa tablets packed in alu--alu foil. 2. Manufacture standardized tawa--tawa granulated instant beverage packed in sachets. 3. Establish the stability of tawa--tawa tablets and instant beverage. 4. Establish the safety of tawa--tawa tablets and instant beverage in animal models and healthy human subjects. 5. Isolate and elucidate the structure of compound(s) in the antithrombocytopenic fraction of tawa--tawa.
Research Beneficiary(ies) 1. Herbanext Laboratories Inc. (HLI) 2. Scientists/researchers requiring higher purity extracts for pre-clinical and clinical studies. 3. Manufacturers of standardized herbal ingredients. 4. Herbal drug companies and nutraceutical companies 5. Consumers
Research Accoplishments [CY 2021] A) Publication: At least one (1) paper published in a scientific journal; B) Patent/Intellectual Property: At least one (1) patentable material; C) Product: Standardized tablet and instant beverage D) People Services: At least six (5) research personnel hired and trained; E) Places and Partnerships: Upgraded laboratory and established standardized chemical profiles for the plant extracts
Total Research Cost ₱1,984,473.52
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