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Research Title Sample Processing for Proteomic Analysis and Functional Characterization and Early Clinical Confirmation of Biomarker Application (Year 2 of 3)
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7 Janurary 2019
31 October 2019
Research Location UPD-NIMBB
Research Description This study proposes to address the problem of NSCLC in the Philippines through the discovery of protein biomarkers in Filipino patients using proteomic analysis. Moreover, to decrease errors and confounding factors in the proteomic analysis pipeline, this project will develop an optimized and standardized procedure for preparing clinical samples for proteomic analysis. This project will also characterize and confirm the utility of potential NSCLC biomarkers through antibody and cellbased assays. This combination of basic research and clinical study will be a driving force for translational medicine in NSCLC in the Philippines.
Research Objectives This project aims to: a) reduce the dynamic range of the proteome by developing a method for processing clinical samples for proteomic analysis; and b) confirm the utility of potential protein biomarkers and drug targets obtained from proteomic analysis in this program.
Research Beneficiary(ies) The main beneficiaries of this project in the health sector are healthcare providers and NSCLC patients in the Philippines. This project will also equip researchers and scientists with the knowledge and skills needed to perform the steps in proteomics-based biomarker discovery.
Research Accoplishments [CY 2018] Optimized protocol for processing clinical samples for proteomic analysis; List of confirmed shortlisted candidate protein biomarkers and drug targets for NSCLC and acquired TKI resistance; Established biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory for characterizing and validating proteomics analysis results (downstream analysis) with i) established workflow and protocol for sample preparation of clinical samples for proteomics analysis and ii) Optimized assays for validating proteomics results (antibody- and cell- based assays); Partnership with clinical institutions for proteomic-based biomarker and drug target discovery from clinical samples; International collaboration with Dr. Yu Jue Chen of Academia Sinica's Institute of Chemistry; Partnership with the Philippine Genome Center and their proposed Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility; At least one (1) publication in peerreviewed journals; Trained researchers and scientists on protocols for processing/preparation of clinical samples for proteomic analysis, proteomic technology, analysis, and confirmation assays for proteomic studies - 2 trained science research specialists; Mentoring of 1 or more BS and 1 or more MS/PhD students
Total Research Cost ₱9,024,619.72
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Code DG CY2020 7990
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