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Research Title Impact Assessment of Diagnostic Algorithms and Tools for Multi Drug resistant (MDRTB) and Drug Sensitive Tuberculosis (TB) in the Philippines - TBFIT Part II (Year 2 of 3)
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1 December 2018
30 November 2019
Research Location DLSMHSI
Research Description The de la salle - health sciences institute (dls-hsi) in collaboration with liverpool school of tropical medicine-center for applied research (lstm-car) implemented the tb-filipino impact assessment model was developed to assess impact of new diagnostic strategies, which include using GeneXpert machine as replacement for microscopy and in combination with other diagnostic procedures. The project also aimed to develop capacity of Filipino researchers in using the virtual implementation approach for scalling-up new diagnostic strategies. By year 3, a total of 15 experts (4 in DLSHS), 2 from NTP, 9 from the region and province) had undergone 3 cycles of basic and advanced training and transfer of technology was achieved so that local experts can now apply and utilize the developed mathematical model for other regions. The initial project sites were Cavite, Davao and Bulacan and upon recommendation of the Department of Health- National Tuberculosis Program (DOH-NTP). This supports the DOH-NTP policy for roll-out of GenXpert as primary screening tool for TB. The project has been able to exceed its initial goals and has been requested to expand the analysis beyond the scope of the original sites, thus the need to develop a second phase. This proposal was created to a) continue capacity building and sustainability activities for Filipino researchers from both higher education institutions (HEI) and government agencies on the use of virtual implementation approach; and to b) assess costeffectiveness of different active case finding strategies.
Research Objectives The general objective is to build sustainability in the virtual impact assessment approach among the DOHNTP Regioal/provincial office staff, DLSHSI and other HEI researchers by continuous training and mentorship. The Specific objectives are the following: 1)to provide support to DOH-NTP Regiional Offices for the roll out of new TB diagnostic strategies by training/mentorship on efficient data collation, modelling and costeffectiveness analysis; and 2) develop and structure a localized impact assessment framework (IAF) that researchers and policymakers can use to evaluate active case finding and other strategies to create evidence-based guidelines for effective TB control.
Research Beneficiary(ies) 1. researchers from private/public HEIs in region IV-A, researchers from medical societies; 2. DOH-National TB program/Stakeholders; and 3. DOH-Regional Offices of the Philippines.
Research Accoplishments [CY 2019] 1) Recognized 2 peer reviewed local and international journals on virtual implementation modelling of diagnostic strategies at different localities with varying scenarios (TB-FIT Part II); 2) TB-FIT Model refinement and utilization by stakeholders especially in Region IV-A; 3) Web based online tool for record keeping, reporting, and analysis of model input data that will possibly incorporated in t he DOH-NTP ITIS; 4) 20 trained private HEIs researchers and public NTP personnel with enhanced competencies for Virtual Implementation Modelling in a span of 4 training sessions.
Total Research Cost ₱5,408,512.27
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Code DG CY2020 8041
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