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Research Title Development of Novel Nanomedicine (Redox Nanoparticles) for the Protection of Radiotherapy Patients and Nuclear Workers (Year 1 of 1)
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1 August 2019
31 March 2021
Research Location PNRI
Research Description The project will develop a Novel Nanomedicine (Redox Nanoparticles) for the Protection of Radiotherapy Patients and Nuclear Workers.
Research Objectives 1. To procure, install, calibrate and dose map the X-rays irradiator; 2. To synthesize and characterize the redox nanoparticles; 3. To conduct preliminary animal trials for its (nanoparticles) radiation protective efficacy against ionizing radiation-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS); 4. To conduct in vivo radiation protection studies with the use of redox nanoparticles; 5. To determine the optimum dose required and its effective route of administration (e.g. oral); and 6. Results presentation and report writing
Research Beneficiary(ies) 1) Cancer patients; 2) Patient undergoing Radiotherapy; 3) Radiation and Nuclear Workers; 4) Availability of upgraded Radiation Biology Laboratory for researchers and research students
Research Accoplishments [CY 2019] 1) Patentable product(s): New Nanomedicine for Use in Radiotherapy & General Radiation Protection of Nuclear/Radiation Workers; 2) Papers presented in local and international conferences; 3) Published papers in ISI listed journals (at least one (1) ISI paper); 4) Established international research linkage(s); 5) Other Expected Outputs: a. Upgraded Radiation Research Center b. Trained Graduate Students/New PNRI Personnel
Total Research Cost ₱5,840,357.55
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Code DG CY2020 8158
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