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Research Title Relationship of Health and Productivity of Small Hold Poultry and Swine with Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of Raisers
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Rio John T. Ducusin

Research Duration Start:
1 May 2012
30 April 2013
Research Location Los Baños
Research Description The Philippine poultry and swine industries are dominated by smallhold raisers constituting 47% and 66% of the total chicken and swine populations, respectively (BAS, 2011a, 2011b). Lack of resources leads to suboptimal conditions which limit the production performance of animals. Moreover, it is expected that these will affect animal health, leading to problems in the incidence of diseases and disorders. However, there is lack of data on the actual practices of smallhold farmers with regards to production indices and incidence of animal health problems. Collection and analysis of these data is important to identify gaps in the knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) and consequently in the institution of proper management practices appropriate for the prevailing conditions in the areas. Health and production performance indices will be utilized for development of rational sustainable community-based animal health program. This will directly benefit the smallhold farmers in terms of income and indirectly the consumers in terms of public health.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Smallholder swine and poultry in CALABARZON, consumers, veterinarians , animal health professionals and local government units.
Research Accoplishments Preliminary activities are ongoing such as identification of interviewers, formulation of survey questionnaires, identification of areas to be surveyed.
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Code M-002
KRA Code Poverty Reduction and Empowerment of the Poor
Priority Thrust DOST
Build and enhance capacity in emerging technologies

Sector Applied Sciences
Actual Sector Veterinary Medicine
Related sectors Zoology, Food Industry