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Research Title Concentrated Solar Power – Design and Performance Evaluation of a Micro-Scale CSP Technology (Year 2 of 1)
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1 May 2019
30 April 2021
Research Location AdDU
Research Description The Mindanao Renewable Energy R&D Center (MREC) is a research center to be hosted by the Ateneo de Davao University that will pursue thematic societal research on appropriate and sustainable energy systems and other vital large socio-technical systems that reinforce its sustainability. Although renewable energy advocates have common belief that solar energy is one of the best solutions for energy supply and environmental problems only minimal efforts have been poured towards efficient utilization of solar energy resource relative to the overall conventional energy supply. This study on the solart hermal smallscale generation system will break barriers on the utilization of renewable energy by small-scale users such as communities and small businesses. By eliminating the need for large funding in establishing renewable energy (RE) systems, RE can be made more accessible, and thus widely used by potential users. The study will also lay the foundation towards upscaling this innovation should other parties be interested in pursuing studies for large-scale steam' generation.
Research Objectives The main objective of the study is to design, developed and investigate a working, concentrated solar power (CSP) system electricity generation and for process heating purposes. The study will be conducted over, a 24,-month will be installed in Davao City, Davao del Sur. The model will strive to demonstrate how optimum energy conversion efficiency of each component can be achieved. Resource assessment and direct normal irradiance (DNI) validation will also be included in the study. Specifically, the study intends to: Design and construct a parabolic dish solar collector; Design and construct a thermal energy storage system; Design and construct a microscale thermal power plant;Design and develop a low-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator set; and Evaluate the individual component efficiencies and overall performance of the model.
Research Beneficiary(ies) 1. academe; 2. LGU; 3. Policy Maker; and 4. Private Sector
Research Accoplishments [CY 2019] Publications: Performance studies, environmental studies, technoeconomic analyses on Ocean Renewable Technology; Patents: Testbed design, components of tidal or wave power system; Products: Integrated RE system as a sustainable energy solution, generators, turbines data and reports; People Services: Technically capable researchers on marine energy technologies, local technical consultants; Place and Partnerships: Floating marine RE testbed which the industry can use; and Policies: Refined science-based DOE guidelines on RE development
Total Research Cost ₱4,642,974.40
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Code DG CY2020 8073
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