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Research Title Reworking of Processed Meat Using a Combined Acidification- Heat Treatment Process (Year 1 of 3)
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3 March 2020
28 February 2022
Research Location EVSU
Research Description Developing a convenient, shelf-stable, value-added product would eliminate the problems identified by the Tacloban City Litson Indusrty Association (TACLIYA) and at the same time increasing their product lines as well as their income. Aside from its longer shelf life, it can be distributed as a disaster food, considering that the Eastern Visayas is a disaster prone area, with its expedient packaging and can be displayed well with an engaging label. Other 'Lechon' producers in the country can also adapt this technology and benchmark this research towards economic growth
Research Objectives This project generally aims to reprocess or rework the unsold processed meat from lechon producers of Tacloban City into convenient, shelf-stable acdifiedthermally processed 'Lechon Paksiw'.Specifically, it aims to: (1) characterize the frozen unsold lechon as raw material; (2) conduct variable screening to determine the three significant components at specified levels in producing Lechon Paksiw necessary for the optimization process; (3) optimize the 0 formulation and process of the products from screened variables, (4) verify the sensory acceptability of the optimum formulations; (5) assess the consumer reaction towards the formulated products; (6) perform and evaluate the physio-chemical properties, microbial load, and sensory evaluation on every phases of the experiment to enforce and assess the quality of the product; and (7) subject the optimum product to the following parameters: a) Shelf-life Testing; b) Nutritional Value Determination, c) Thermal Validation Test (Heat Distribution and Heat Penetration Tests) and d) Commercial Sterility Test.
Research Beneficiary(ies) Tacloban City Litson Industry Association (TACLIYA), Eastern Visayas Food Innovation Center
Research Accoplishments [CY 2021] A) Publication: 1 journal publication , B) Patents/IP: One (1) patent / utility model application C) Products: Lechon Paksiw de Leyte D) People Services: One (1) graduate student E) Places/Partnerships: Government-Academe-Industry Partnership of DOST,EVFSU, and TACLIYA F) Policy: Standard procedure and processing, research-based policy on reworking excess/unsold products, HACCP plan
Total Research Cost ₱2,837,475.33
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Code DG CY2020 8347
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