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Research Title Development of Prototype Designs of Musical Instruments Using Select Philippine Bamboo Species and Processing Technologies (Year 2 of 1)
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2 January 2019
30 September 2019
Research Location UPD-EEEI
Research Description In line with the inclusion of bamboo instruments playing in the new K-12 curriculum as well as in recent community activities, there is an increasing demand for the use of bamboo instruments. However, the sound and structural qualities of the locally made bamboo instruments have problems including timbre or tone quality, poor playability, inaccurate tuning, poor durability, and poor quality of material that often leads to 'bukbok' or infestation from wood borers. Furthermore, the instrument making industry can still be reinforced using science and engineering similar to what has been done for the classical guitar. With that in mind, this project is proposed to develop prototype designs of musical instruments using select Philippine bamboo species and processing technology. The design process can be improved by qualitative and quantitative techniques such as listening tests, time and frequency audio analysis, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulations. In addition, proper material screening, testing and selection will help optimize the target quality of the musical instruments. For the construction of prototypes, exploration of bamboomaking techniques as well as implementation of recent wood processing techniques including lamination, irradiation and kiln-drying will be done in cooperation with DOSTFPRDI.
Research Objectives To be able to develop bamboo instrument prototypes and standardize the bamboo instrument making process, the project objectives are: 1. To qualitatively characterize the acoustic properties of selected indigenous and nontraditional bamboo instruments using standard descriptors; 2. To determine acoustic features that correlate with the qualitative characteristics of sound using digital signal processing techniques; 3. To perform FEA simulations to predict changes in the mechanical response of the instruments and correlate with the acoustic properties; 4. To develop instrument prototypes using different species and processing of Philippine bamboo; 5. To test and characterize the bamboo instrument prototypes for comparison of acoustic qualities, and; 6. To develop a manual containing recommendations on the materials, processing, manufacturing, and testing of bamboo instruments.
Research Beneficiary(ies) -Bamboo-instrument industry -Bamboo wood farmers -K-12 music education
Research Accoplishments [CY 2018] Publications: The outputs and the reports will be published in at least 2 Scopus or ISI-indexed publications. The list of possible publications include IEEE Region 10 Conference, IEEE International Conference on Control System, Computing and Engineering, Science/Humanities Diliman, Philippine Engineering Journal, etc. Patents: The prototypes as well as the design will be applied for patent/IP. Products: The prototypes in this project can be commercialized for future startups/tech transfers. Moreover, the manuals and blueprints can be used by local manufacturers to improve their products. People services: The project will be a collaboration of 2 disciplines: music and engineering. The project will involve graduate students. The experience of the graduate assistants will help them in their respective theses related to this project. Policies: The compendium will standardize the bamboo-instrument making industry in our country. It will also complement the goals of the K- 12 music education. Partnerships: Academe, government, local bamboo instruments industry, bamboo farmers [CY 2020] (1) Instrument prototype as recommended by the PCIEERD technical panel, e.g. bumbong; (2) chacracterized mechanical and acoustic properties of instrument prototypes; (3) manual containing recommendations on the materials, processing, manufacturing, and testing of bamboo instruments
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