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Research Title Digitization of Endangered Musical Collection
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Ramon P. Santos

Research Duration Start:
28 May 2013
27 May 2015
Research Location UP Diliman
Research Description The general objective of the study is to contribute to the growing interest in ethnomusicology, musicology and cultural resources management by making endangered musical collection available through accessible channels while upholding utmost protection to the corpus and integrity of the original research documents from and of musicologists and musicians. Specifically the study wishes to: 1) Convert analogue music materials from UPCE collection and other depositions that will result to at least 5,000 digitized records (audio, photo, notes an/or scores) and 2) improve the digitization protocol to be able to accommodate collections that are not originally from UPCE collection, hence was a product of different recording protocol.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Researchers in humanities, ethnomusicologist, musiicologist, musicians
Research Accoplishments
Total Research Cost
Research Agencies Funding:

UP Diliman

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Code TS-2014-8
KRA Code Transparent, accountable, and participatory governance
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Humanities
Actual Sector Performing Arts
Related sectors Anthropology