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Research Title Understorey and Ground-Dwelling Spider Diversity of Philippine Forest Ecosystem
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Aimee Lynn Barrion-Dupo

Research Duration Start:
27 November 2012
26 November 2014
Research Location UPLB
Research Description With conservation efforts gearing toward the preservation of the country's forest ecosystems, a comprehensive faunistic work on these little known spiders has to be done. Without this kind of basic research, conservation efforts will be futile as it would be hard to protect an area whose biotic components are unknown. Accurate taxonomic information which will serve as the groundwork for further biological studies and enable future investigations into the sustainable use of resources without destroying biodiversity will be provided through this study. Also, the role which these spiders play to maintain balance in the forest ecosystem is important though completely ignored in diversity studies involving the larger and more charismatic animal groups.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Students, researchers, UPLB Museum of natural History and National Museum, quarantine agencies.
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Code TS-2014-14
KRA Code Rapid and Sustained Economic Growth
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Natural Sciences
Actual Sector Ecology
Related sectors Forestry, Environmental
Entry revision: January 2021