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Research Title Seedbanking for Long-term Sustainable Conservation and Utilization of Philippine Medicinal Plants [formerly Curation of a Seed Bank for the Philippine Biorepository Network: A Commitment to Conservation] (Year 3 of 3)
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1 January 2018
14 August 2018
Research Location UPLB-ICS,CA
Research Description This project targets to be the common repository of Philippine medicinal plants conservation by the PCHRD funded projects such as Tuklas Lunas Centers, Discovery and Development of Health Products (DDHP), D3 and other plant related PCHRD-supported projects. A seedbank for Philippine medicinal plants would be a long-term and relatively low cost option for insurance against species loss.
Research Objectives a) Ascertain the layout of Seed Bank and its basic facilities at the University of Santo Tomas; b) Collect seed samples of the Philippine medicinal plants and threatened endemic taxa in the field and from the submissions of the PCHRDsupported projects; c) Process collected seeds following the standard protocols on seed cleaning, drying, moisture monitoring, viability testing, and packaging; d) Conduct a germination test once seed is dried and cooled and provide feedback to which species require further collections; e) Preparation of voucher specimens and deposition to the UST Herbarium; f) Create and manage database for seed collection and herbarium vouchers using the European Native Seed Conservation Network (ENSCONET) database schema and BRAHMS (Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System), respectively.
Research Beneficiary(ies) a) Researchers working on plants in general and local medicinal plants, in particular; b) Students and the general public for knowledge of plants and their conservation; c) Entrepreneurs who may have interest in knowing the habit and agro-cultural needs of particular plant species; d) Policy makers, for example on herbal medicine, whose experience can further be enriched by a direct exposure to medicinal plants; e) Academe; f) Pharmaceutical industry.
Research Accoplishments [CY 2017] a) 10 accessions each of the 22 target medicinal plant species collected; b) 10 accessions each characterized; c) Storage behavior of seeds from the selected medicinal plants; d) 10 accessions per species of collected materials (seeds) conserved in upright freezer for long-term conservation or in field genebank for asexually propagated medicinal plants; e) Information generated from collecting and characterization documented and channeled to the bioinformation unit; f) Extent of diversity of the collection analyzed; g) Journal articles
Total Research Cost ₱4,307,307.79
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Code DG CY2020 7652
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