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Research Title Flora and Fauna Assessment Using Permanent Biodiversity Management System (BMS) in Cebu Island Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) [Project 2. Flora and Fauna Assessment using Permanent BMS in Cebu Islands] (Year 3 of 3)
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1 January 2018
30 September 2018
Research Location CTU (Cebu)
Research Description This project can add knowledge and value to the regional thrust of promoting forest biodiversity conservation, protection and ecotourism. Through this, local ecotourism operators and LGUs can be guided in the sustainable management of these resources. Moreover, the project will be in line and of support to the ABS Nagoya Protocol, the project aims to focus and supports the vision of the CBD and IUCN (Article 15:6) to have the initiative through R & D and policy measures, thus, contributing to the knowledge of the country’s genetic resources (as a provider) through inventory, flora and fauna assessment, ex situ and in situ, hence, promoting their wider application with the approval and involvement of the holders of such knowledge, innovations, and practices towards sustainability.
Research Objectives The project aims to: (1) Assess flora and faunal diversity, habitat types and composition of Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) of Cebu through the Biodiversity Monitoring Systems (BMS) and study the interconnections and links between the components leading to protection and conservation of endangered endemic floral and faunal species (e.g. keystone species); (2) Comply to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and NAGOYA Protocol and influence policy measures through R&D in the protection of the forest ecosystem in Cebu; (3) Improve further the information available for decision-makers in the KBAs through the regular collecting of data on natural biological resources and their sustainable utilization with the focus on identifying trends in biodiversity and its use so as to guide action in protected area management through the creation of BMS management plan and a Taxonomic Guidebook of flora and fauna in each of the KBAs; (4) Develop a plant and animal database that will guide the DENR-BMB and other stakeholders in the proper management and strengthening the conservation and protection collaboration of the KBAs with the knowledge of the natural resources found in therein; (5) Establish visible conservation landmarks in the municipalities covered by KBAs through ground delineation and monumenting of boundaries of the declared Permanent Biodiversity Monitoring System; and (6) Promote and create forest restoration and/or rehabilitation through establishment of demonstration areas and conduct ex-situ and in-situ conservation activities of indigenous and endemic trees for the restoration and rehabilitation of the forest areas of the island in the municipalities covered by KBAs.
Research Beneficiary(ies) 1. Local Government Units (LGU) 2. Researchers and Research Institutions 3. Academe/SUCs/Students 4. Nongovernment Organizations (NGOs) 5. Government Agencies (e.g. DENR-BMB) 6. Policy Makers/Regulatory Agencies 7. Local Communities within the four KBAs
Research Accoplishments [CY 2017] Publications - Three (3) peer reviewed journal articles per year (ISI, SCOPUS, etc.); 8 IEC materials (4 field guide to flowering plants and ferns of the selected study sites/kba sites Patent - Copyrights of the guidebooks Products - Updated floral and faunal diversity, population and abundance, habitat profile for selected monitoring sites and communities of the four KBAs; Updated database of information for flora and fauna of the four Cebu (KBA/IBA featuring conservation status; Maps of native trees of all four KBAs (distribution and resource maps); Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP); Flora and fauna assessment reports of four KBAs/IBAs; Selected and geotagged mother trees for seeds collection; Collected seeds/wildlings for planting; Four established indigenous forest nurseries in each selected KBAs/forests; Four established demonstration sites for forest rehabilitation; Sustainable forest biodiversity People/Services - 70 people trained in Biodiversity Assessment; BSC Forestry student: Research/Thesis Sites; Training on Biodiversity/Mapping/Assessment Places and Partnerships - MOA with selected stakeholders (LGUs, Academe and NGOs
Total Research Cost ₱4,657,123.91
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CTU (Cebu)

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Code DG CY2020 7707
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