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Research Title Anti-infective Hits from Priority Bioactive Extracts from Fungi (Year 2 of 2)
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1 August 2019
31 July 2021
Research Location UP Baguio
Research Description In view of the increase of human microbial pathogen resistances to mainstream antibiotics, there is a need to look for new antiinfective compounds that may be used for these types of organisms. The bioactive compound/s from the extract preparations may be used as a marker compounds for the standardization of the health product and will be developed as drugs.
Research Objectives The project generally aims to isolate and characterize the bioactive compounds responsible for the observed antiinfective activity of the diff. fungal fractions. The project has the ff. specific objectives: 1.To increase the production of the anti-infective compound/s by using epigenetic inducers during the batch fermentation step; 2.To generate enough amounts of the anti-infective hits from these bioactive extracts from fungi using large-scale batch fermentation; 3.To determine the toxicity levels of these anti- infective hits by subjecting them to toxicity assays against kidney, liver and heart cell lines. 4.To characterize the efficacy of each of the anti-infective hits by determining the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and the Minimum Bactericidal Concentration (MBC); and 5.To identify and dereplicate the antiinfective compounds by determining their molecular mass through high resolution mass spectrometry
Research Beneficiary(ies) 1) Biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies, and other private investors who will commercialize the products after the technology transfer; 2)Scientists/researchers who will continue to use the infrastructures and protocols; 3) Graduate students
Research Accoplishments [CY 2019] PUBLICATION= At least one (1) paper published in a scientific journal; PATENTS= new anticancer compounds against MRSA and Klebsiella pneumonia PRODUCTS= Anti-infective drug leads for possible re-clinical, clinical testing and licensing; PEOPLE SERVICES= At least three (3) research personnel trained and undergraduate and graduate students mentored; PLACE & PARTNERSHIPS= Collaboration with UP and UP NIMBB
Total Research Cost ₱1,194,404.40
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UP Baguio

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Code DG CY2020 8095
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