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Research Title The Surface Characterization of Imidazoliumbased Ionic Liquids for Carbon Capture Using a Home-Build Surface Tensiometer
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Imee Su Martinez

Research Duration Start:
17 February 2014
16 February 2015
Research Location UP Diliman
Research Description As mentioned in the 4th SONA of the president, the government intends to add more units of reliable energy sources in the nation. This can mean power plants, which make use of more traditional energy sources such as coal or fossil fuel. This defines the need to come up with robust carbon capture and sweetening systems for the gas emissions of these power plants to address problems such as air pollution, health risks, and in the long term climate changes, that are sure to arise due to these power plants. The current technology, which make use of aqueous amines for this purpose are beset with problems signifying the need to come up with a new system, such as the more robust and chemically stable ionic liquid systems. The objective of this particular project is to synthesize and characterize task-specific ionic liquids for carbon capture. The technique that will be used to characterize the carbon capture capability of these ionic liquids is mainly surface tensiometry, in particular the drop method.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Researchers, environmentalists, materials science researchers (nanotechnology) and the general public
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UP Diliman

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Code TS-2014-23
KRA Code Rapid and Sustained Economic Growth
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Natural Sciences
Actual Sector Chemistry
Related sectors Environmental, Materials Science, Nanotechnology
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