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Research Title Extraction, Characterization and Bio-Assay for Larvicidal Activity of Some Philippine Medicinal Plants
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Rosalinda C. Torres

Research Duration Start:
16 April 2012
15 April 2014
Research Location DOST-ITDI
Research Description (1) To undertake crude extraction and extract essential oils from some Philippine medicinal plants; (2) To determine the larvicidal activity of the crude extracts and essential oils; (3) To undertake phytochemical screening of the crude extract; (4) To conduct polarity-based fractionation of the crude extracts and determine larvicidal efficacy of the fractions; (5) To isolate and characterize further the most active fraction of the plant which exhibited the most significant activity; (6) To analyze the essential oils for physico-chemical properties and chemical composition bychromatographic methods; (7) To develop larvicidal product(s) that can be field tested on a wider scale; (8) To conduct product analysis and shelf-life/stability testing; (9) To conduct field trial testing of the products.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) General public
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Research Agencies Funding:

DOST- Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI)

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Code TS-2014-5
KRA Code Rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Natural Science
Actual Sector Chemistry
Related sectors Healthcare, Medicine, Plant Science
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