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Research Title Standardized anti-hyperurecemic product(s) from Philippine Plants
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Christine C. Hernandez

Research Duration Start:
11 June 2013
31 May 2014
Research Location UP Diliman
Research Description Current researches are geared towards discovery of drugs with favorable toxicology profile, high bioavailability, and more potent and longer -lasting hypouricemic action than allopurinol. In the previous project funded by NRCP, isolation and identification of a novel xanthine oxidase inhibitors from A. leptopus and partially purify an isolate from M. pudica, both of which exhibited promising inhibitory action. In this project, with respect to M. pudica , will aim to 1) purify further the isolate, 2) determine the structure, and 3) confirm its xanthine oxidase inhibitory action. After which, will determine the hypouricemic activity of M. pudica and A. leptopus extracts and pure isolates in vivo using potassium-oxonate pretreated mice. Toxicity and mutagenicity effects using vitro assays will also be conducted to establish the extracts and isolates safety. Finally pure isolates will be used as biomarker in standardizing the plant extracts.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Pharmaceutical industry, people suffering from gout, arthritis
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UP Diliman

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Code TS-2014-6
KRA Code Rapid, inclusive, and sustained economic growth
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Natural Science
Actual Sector Chemistry
Related sectors Healthcare, Medicine, Plant Science
Entry revision: January 2021