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Research Title Assessment of Biodiversity in Forest over Limestone Ecosystem (Year 2 of 3)
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1 January 2019
31 August 2019
Research Location UPLB-CAS-IBS
Research Description The project will lead to the production of a checklist of plant and animal taxa from the forest over limestone ecosystems in our study sites. This checklist will feature unique and interesting biota which will surely be supportive to the current ecotourism initiative of the locality. It will also contribute to the proposed online database of plants over limestone. Finally the checklist will form part of the pro-posed program Field Guide of biodiversity in forest over limestone in Paranas, Taft, Basey and Guiuan of Samar Island, which will be packaged by Project 4. A number of papers will be presented either as poster or oral and subsequently published in reputable journals.
Research Objectives General objective: To conduct a comprehensive assessment of plant and animal diversity and community structure in the epigeic region of forests over limestone in Paranas, Taft, Basey, and Gui-uan, Samar. Specific objectives: 1) determine plant diversity and vegetation structure in various habi-tat types in the forest over limestone; 2) determine animal diversity associated with forest over limestone; 3) identify functional classification of the vegetation with its associ-ated animal diversity, and; 4) analyze environmental factors influencing the prevailing structure of the biota.
Research Beneficiary(ies) Local people and LGUs in Samar Island
Research Accoplishments [CY 2018] 1.Database of plant and animal taxa in Forest over limestone of Paranas, Taft, Guiuan and Basey, Samar 2. Checklist and Field Guide highlighting important species in support to local ecotourism 3. Publications
Total Research Cost ₱2,401,765.06
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Code DG CY2020 7941
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