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Research Title Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Utilization of Seagrasses in Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines (Year 1 of 1)
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1 January 2020
31 December 2020
Research Location CTU (Cebu)
Research Description Seagrasses are important ecosystem which houses several commercially important species of fishes and invertebrates. They also serve as an ecosystem for carbon sequestrations which help in the global warming reduction. Recently this particular ecosystem was damaged through anthropogenic activities such as sand extraction, destructive, gleaning practices sedimentation and climate change.
Research Objectives General: This project generally aims to determine the current status of mangrove communities in Camotes Islands, Cebu for the formulation of appropriate and suitable conservation strategies. Specifically this project aims to: 1. To determine the species diversity of mangrove communities in terms of the population of true mangroves and associated species, stand structure, planktons, and infaunal assessment; 2. To identify enterprising activities in mangrove areas and explore the changes in land-use patterns in mangrove areas (i.e. Eco Park Conservation into Residential, industrial areas); 3. To document the history of conservation inititatives and rehabilitation efforts made in mangrove areas; 4. To draft policy recommendations for the conservation of magroves in Camotes Islands.
Research Beneficiary(ies) LGU of San Francisco, Poro, Tudela and Pilar
Research Accoplishments [CY 2020] Seagrass Biodiversity 1. Seagrass Monograph with habitat profile 2. Resource / Location Map Business in seagrass beds 1. Paper for Publication on the Socio Economic Activities of seagrass beds 2. Zoning plan of seagrass beds reflective of research, gleaning, reserve and tourism areas 3. Policy recommendation on the control of extraction of some valuable species in seagrass meadows for sustainability Conservation Efforts 1. Paper on the conservation efforts made by different sectors 2. Recommendatory plan for some loop holes on the conservation initiative 3. Policy plan for total conservation initiatives by the agency concerned Rehabilitation Efforts 1. Replanting of seagrass species for denuded areas 2. Sea ranching of species that are disappearing in the seagrass meadows Production of IEC Materials 1. for dissemination (Public Hearing) Presentation of the results by Municipalities
Total Research Cost ₱1,792,966.00
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CTU (Cebu)

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Code DG CY2020 8319
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