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Research Title Stragetic Risk Analysis of Climate Change on the Food and Environmental Security of Gubat, Sorsogon
Research Personnel Leader:
Engr. Glen Banaguas

Research Duration Start:
17 September 2014
16 September 2015
Research Location Sorsogon
Research Description The specific objectives of the study are: 1) to quantify and model risk arising from climate arising from climate related hazards in order to provide a scientific and numerical basis that will inform weather and climate risk management practices and policy, disaster risk reduction, and risk transfer with particular focus on Municipality of Gubat and 2) to produce solid and validated climate change scenarios thta will enable local stakeholders to make informed decisions on adaptive measure to climate change and integrate adaptive measures to climate change with disaster risk reduction.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Farmers and fisherfolk living in the Municipality of Gubat, LGUs, NGOs, and POs
Research Accoplishments
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Research Agencies Funding:

Office of the Director for Research, De La Salle University, Salvador Araneta Campus, Victoneta Ave., Malabon City.

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Code TS-2014-28
KRA Code Integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Natural Sciences
Actual Sector Environmental
Related sectors Agriculture