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Research Title Socio-economic and Political Diemnsions of Lake Lanao
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Sukarno Tanggol

Research Duration Start:
1 August 15
31 July 17
Research Location MSU-IIT Lanao del Norte
Research Description People are integral elements of the ecosystem. Sustainability of the country’s environmental resources necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between the biophysical and anthropogenic activities. A balanced development requires a healthy and harmonious interplay between the natural and human resources involving ecology, economy, and social desirability. Carrying capacity as a concept is embedded in this framework. Balancing populations are said to be closely related to this concept where the area’s resources can support the long term without significantly depleting or degrading those resources in the physical, cultural and social environments.
Research Objectives
Research Beneficiary(ies) Local government officials and Government Agencies (DENR, BFAR, DA, DOH, DSWD, DOE, DipEd, DILG), policy-makers, researchers and development practitioners, and most especially the lakeshore residents
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MSU-IIT Lanao del Norte

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Code TS-2014-3
KRA Code Integrity of the environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation
Priority Thrust DOST

Sector Social Science
Actual Sector Economics
Related sectors Sociology, Healthcare, Environmental, Applied Sciences