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Research Title Ang Pag-Angat sa Kahirapan: Psychological Facilitators & Inhibitors
Research Personnel Leader:
Dr. Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco
Mr. Diwa Malaya A. Quiñones
Research Duration Start:
12 February 2012
11 February 2013
Research Location UP Dept. of Psychology, Dil., Q.C.
Research Description Insights from this study could be used to improve the implementation of the current poverty-alleviation programs & to help formulate new evidence-based programs for the poor.
Research Objectives To explore some of the psychological structural variables influencing an individual's motivation & behaviors to rise out of poverty.
Research Beneficiary(ies) Policymakers, poor people themselves, scientific community, other organizations whose advocacy is to help people rise out of poverty.
Research Accoplishments Additional literature rerview is in progress w/ focus on seeking out local data & findings about poverty using the lens of psychology & other related fields; constructed the instrument for FGDs.
Total Research Cost ₱630,741.75
Research Agencies Funding:
National Research Council of the Philippines
University of the Philippines

National Research Council of the Philippines
Research Budget Breakdown Year:
Year Funded:
Total Cost
Date Released
Amount Released
₱280,488 .00
₱350,253.8 .00

October 2012
₱ 630,741.75
Code H-148
KRA Code Transparent, accountable, and participatory governance
Priority Thrust DOST
Enhance delivery of government and social services
Promotion of economic growth in the countryside
Sector Social Science
Subsector Psychology
Related sectors Political Science